Every Economy needs a Ponzi scheme! 
Be a part of the Bitcoinponzi, the first open 'non-fraudulent' scheme ever!

“Turn your 10BTC into a million” (if you are lucky), or, at least, help a student to finance his life.

We are currently accepting investments for our first round, 10 places left — secure your place and be one of the only fewrounds of investors who will get a return!

Invest as little as 1 BTC and get 1.5 BTC in 45 days (50% interest in 45 days) or 
wait 90 days and receive even 2 BTC (100% interest in 90 days)!

We will not invest in high-yield offshore investments to secure tour return but pay your return out of the second-round investments!

Here it is: this is, in theory, a Ponzi scheme, but not a hidden one. You acknowledge that you will get a return only if you are in a very few who will get in some of the first rounds. Your return will be paid out of the investments of the subsequent rounds and the creator of this scheme (me, the poor student from Eastern Europe) will keep the rest and gain the ability to finance his day-to-day needs. So, at least, you know you help someone by investing into this scheme!

And, of course, if you are investing into the first round, you will get a return after we collect the second round, so even you make a profit!

So, to get started, transfer some bitcoins (we recommend the amount of 10BTC to

and we will add you to the database for further returns).

Hurry up, only 10 investments left to be considered as the first-round investor and get a return more or less guaranteed!

And, the most important thing: you will be a part of the most funny Ponzi scheme ever and have a good story to tell your grandchildren after Bitcoin will dominate the world financial markets!

This is Version 1 of the Scheme and further changes to Bitcoinponzi may occure.

    Contact the Bitcoinponzi Creator — a poor student from the Eastern Europe!

Disclaimer: by investing into Bitcoinponzi you understand, that you might not receive a reward — this is a voluntary ponzi scheme created by a student to get some money for his day-to-day activities. You transfer the money to the Bitcoin Address above and are not eligible to ask for your money back or for a stated profit from the creator.